An Afternoon of History and Music at Duffys of Ballybin

Afternoon of History and Music at Duffys of BallybinProfessor Debra van Tuyll from Georgia Regents University, with traditional musicians Professor Carl Purdy and Elizabeth Hunt; and Ashbourne residents Ciaran Buckley and Therese Foster.

The photo was taken at a history and traditional music event in the grain loft at Duffys of Ballybin Self-Catering Accommodation in Ballybin, Ashbourne on July 20th. The US students heard a lecture on the history of the County Meath cattle export industry from Ciaran Buckley, who is the co-author of Strong Farmer: The Memoirs of Joe Ward.

The lecture was followed by a selection of Irish and Appalachian music from the Georgia delegation’s music students.

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