Cars, Buses and Taxis: Getting to Duffys of Ballybin

MyTaxi App screengrab

MyTaxi App

Most of the guests at Duffys of Ballybin self-catering accommodation arrive with cars, which is the easiest way to get around the countryside.

However, there is also quite a good bus service, from bus stops around 2km from the farm. The 103 bus goes from Ratoath to Dublin via Ashbourne and the 105 services the Ashbourne to Dublin route. The 109 bus goes between Ratoath and Dublin Airport.

If people want to go out for the evening and to leave the car behind, they can call one of the local taxi companies, such as Ashbourne Cabs (+353-1-8356000) or Tara Cabs (+353-1-8352000).

If you have the MyTaxi app on your phone, you can summon a taxi without having to give directions to the taxi driver and without needing cash to pay them, since they accept electronic payments.

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Duffys of Ballybin, Ballybin, Ashbourne, County Meath +353-1-8027829,,

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